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Merritt Digital Preservation Repository – May 2024

Merritt is a digital preservation repository from the University of California Curation Center (UC3) that enables the UC community to manage, archive, and share its valuable digital content.

Welcome to the Merritt service update for May 2024

New Content and Collections 

Update: UC Santa Cruz AV Project

The UC Santa Cruz Library Special Collections & Archives department added new content to the following collections during the month of May. These are part of a major AV preservation project that involves digitization of AV materials. The associated ingest workflow entails staging zipped bags on locally maintained infrastructure and generating container batch manifests. These manifests are then submitted through the Merritt user interface and Merritt’s Ingest service pulls each container from the staging area for processing.  

  • Bettina Aptheker papers MS157
  • Charis Wilson papers MS316
  • Esther Rice collection of Santa Cruz photographs MS367
  • Frank Kofsky Audio & Photo Collection of the Jazz and Rock Movement MS312
  • Grateful Dead records Media MS332
  • Grateful Dead records Artwork MS332
  • Harry Mayo Surfing Photography collection MS405
  • John E. Thorne papers MS423
  • League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County Records MS286
  • Miriam Patchen papers MS161
  • Nina Graboi papers MS225


On a related note, the UC Libraries Born-Digital CKG is developing a common BagIt profile via the Digital Archives Resource Tool (DART). It follows protocols enumerated in the “Beyond the Repository” profile and is purposed for use across UC campuses and for promoting interoperability across repositories. A draft UC DART profile specification is currently under development.

Digital Preservation Community

iPRES Registration is Open + Overwhelming Number of New Submissions

Registration is now open for iPRES 2024. Earlier in the month, the iPRES Program Committee communicated they were “thrilled and overwhelmed by the amazing volume of submissions we received in response to our Call for Contributions for interactive formats,” such that a request for additional reviewers was made – exciting!

What We’re Working On

Ingest Queue Design

The team is now deep into the implementation phase to update Merritt’s queueing process which takes place when new content is ingested into the repository and database entries are subsequently recorded in its inventory. The new design is being implemented as part of a longstanding effort introduce more transparency into the repository’s ingest operations which in turn will provide much more granular feedback to depositors in terms of submission status. Further detail is available on upcoming queue states and state transition details.

Object Update Tools

Both ahead of (and to follow) the queue design, our team has worked on devising strategies to update digital objects. Our use cases include helping depositors address removing unwanted files, file naming convention changes, changes in object composition due to updated curation practices and storage savings among others. We look forward to sharing more information about these update strategies, many of which are designed to complement the Merritt’s Object Analysis prototype.

Repository Metrics for May

Holdings Snapshot
Holdings as of July 1, 2023, fiscal year start: 479.45 TB (one copy)
Holdings as of May 31, 2024 469.06 TB (one copy)
Holdings as of April 29, 2024 454.66
Deaccessioned Holdings (Dryad) 154 TB
Holdings as of March 28, 2024 607.96 TB
Holdings as of November 30, 2023 576.43 TB
Holdings as of October 30, 2023 571.69 TB
Holdings as of September 28, 2023 558.66 TB
Holdings as of August 28, 2023 532.08 TB 
Holdings as of July 28, 2023 495.36 TB
Active collections in April (new files added – a single digital object can contain one or more files):
eScholarship 101,701
UC Berkeley Library Media Resource Center (MRC) 722
UC Berkeley School of Law, Robbins Collection 12,649
University and Jepson Herbaria Image Archive 1,730
UC Davis Library ETDs 334
UCI Library ETDs 158
UCLA Library ETDs 309
UC Santa Barbara Library ETDs 173
UC Santa Cruz Library AV Collections (noted in New Content and Collections, above) 1,695

Learn more about Merritt and the team that’s advancing CDL’s digital preservation repository.

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Merritt User Documentation

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Merritt Preservation Repository

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Terrence Brady Senior Developer and Technical Lead

David Loy Senior Developer

Mark Reyes Senior Developer

Eric Lopatin Merritt Product Manager (at CDL)

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Merritt administrators may be contacted at Sending a message will automatically open a new issue in CDL’s internal ticketing system.

To report an urgent problem with Merritt, call the CDL Help Line at (510) 987-0555.