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Access Restored to CNKI Resources

In April 2023, CDL shared news that several of the UC’s CNKI resources would be suspended due to a Chinese government audit of CNKI’s platform, as announced by CNKI & East View. It was unknown at the time how long the suspension would last. Fortunately, East View and CNKI announced that access began returning in mid-March 2024 and should now be fully restored for the databases that were suspended for UCs.

CDL staff are working to review and update Alma collections based on the restored access, updates from CNKI, and any changes to the platforms. Databases that were impacted and now restored at the CNKI platform include:

China Doctoral Dissertations and Masters’ Theses Full-text Database (CDMD) 

National Population Census of China (NPCC)

  • Access returned March 20, 2024
  • UCs have purchased:
    • 2010 Census Data (partial collection), aka the Sixth National Population Census of China
    • 2020 Census Data (full collection), aka the Seventh National Population Census of China
  • Access at a new URL and new platform (any legacy URLs will not work)
  • About the platform: This platform contains census data from additional years that UCs do not have access to. Per CNKI, UC access does not include the “Data Analysis” feature. The “Census Bulletin” area summarizes information from other sites while the Full Text button links users out to original websites. Users can search for & limit to NPCC contents they have access to by clicking on “Explore More Resources,” from the homepage, clicking over to the “Entry Title” tab, and checking the box for “subscribed” when searching.

China Statistical Yearbooks (CSYD)

  • Access returned mid-March 2024
  • Access at: (New URL, any legacy URLs will not work)
  • Per CNKI, the Chinese platform name has changed from 中国统计年鉴数据库 to 中国经济社会大数据研究平台 (there is no change to the English name)
  • UCs have previously purchased 1949-2022 content, and will have ongoing access to newly added content.

Temporary access to end for China Yearbooks (CYFD)

Last year, temporary access to this database was granted due to the suspension of China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD)
Access ends April 30, 2024. Access was available at:

Note about China Academic Journals (CAJ)

While China Academic Journals were not impacted by the government regulatory audit that has impacted other CNKI resources, it has been impacted by a separate copyright compliance issue. Per information received from CNKI, most of the CAJ journal content is not impacted and remains available for searching and downloading. Some article contents have been temporarily removed to review copyright authorizations. At this time, removed articles are not available for searching or downloading on the platform. CNKI is working to bring content back online and address user concerns. East View is in communication with CNKI to attempt to track journals with removed articles, although this work is challenging for many reasons.