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Select CNKI resources undergo temporary suspension

Beginning April 1, 2023, access to several CNKI databases at will experience temporary suspension of full text download access or suspension of database-wide access as a result of an audit to ensure compliance with Chinese laws regarding cross-border data. The audit focuses on databases with content in the following areas: dissertations, conference proceedings, patents, and statistics. 

This chart from East View outlines the impacts to various CNKI databases: Chinese Regulatory Actions Impact Map


Impacted collections purchased via CDL include:

  • China Doctoral Dissertations and Masters’ Theses Full-text Database (CDMD) 
  • China Statistical Yearbooks Full-text Database (CSYD) 
  • National Population Census of China (NPCC) 


Collections that are not impacted are:

  • China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ)
  • Century Journal Project (CJP)


The publisher CNKI has agreed to activate temporary access to the database China Yearbooks Database (CYFD) while access is suspended to China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD). To navigate all of the statistics yearbooks collected in CSYD from the CYFD homepage:

Chinese version: 

  1. Scroll down to the bottom to click on “年鉴导航”
  2. Scroll down to click on “年鉴级别导航” (at the bottom of the left panel list)
  3. then click on “统计年鉴” (in the middle of the left panel list)

English version:

  1. Click on Yearbook Navigation>>Yearbook Level Navigation >>统计年鉴


For resources in Primo catalogs (managed in the Alma Network Zone by CDL), users will see a note stating:  This title may be temporarily unavailable due to China’s regulatory authority audit.”  The bib records & links will remain in the catalog, although for some resources, the links may break or take users to pages without full text access during the suspension.

CDL is monitoring the situation and in communication with the publisher for updates. At this time, it is not known when the audit will be completed and access restored. The publisher estimates it may last several months, and impacts all of their users – not only the University of California.