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CDL Welcomes New UC3 Staff

By Stephen Abrams, UC3 Associate Director

CDL’s UC3 program has just completed a flurry of hiring to fill four positions, two funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Joshua Hubbard and Bhavitavya (Bhavi) Vedula were hired to work on the DMPTool2 project, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  Josh has jumped in head first, helping with requirements for the project.   We’re looking forward to his Rails expertise going forward.   Bhavi has more than five years of development experience, much of it with Ruby/Rails and JQuery-based user interfaces.  Most recently she was part of a bioinformatics research group at Northwestern University tracking childhood developmental health.

Shirin Faenza has joined UC3 as developer on a one-year contract, initially working on Merritt user interface improvements.  She has more than three years of web application development experience, most recently with Seedchange, a platform for crowd sourcing technology startup venture capital investing.  She has also worked as a technical translator, converting the Linux Journal into her native Italian.

Ken Weiss is a production systems administrator, coordinating operational policies and procedures for UC3 services.  He replaces Margaret Low, who retired in 2012.  Most recently Ken worked as a technical analyst and architect as a contractor.  Before that he was technical director for enterprise architecture at Charles Schwab.   Long term UC staff may recall Ken’s earlier stint at the CDL in 1999-2000 when he redeployed OAC, then a research project at UCB, as a CDL production service.

Please welcome Josh, Bhavi, Shirin, and Ken!