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Artstor Migrates to JSTOR Platform

Artstor is now available at the JSTOR platform (, and the legacy Artstor website ( will be retired on August 1, 2024. JSTOR has been working on this migration since early 2023, while continuously improving the JSTOR platform to better accommodate image content & functionality for working with images. The migration to JSTOR will offer enhanced discoverability of Artstor content on a single JSTOR platform, while allowing JSTOR to focus centrally on developing the JSTOR platform.  JSTOR continues to develop and improve features & functionality across the site. We can expect additional upgrades and changes over time.  CDL staff continue to monitor & review the collections in Alma/Primo to ensure catalog records are updated with this migration. 

Artstor as a separate platform previously covered several types of content: 

  • Subscription package. The Artstor subscription package of curated licensed image content, which will continue to go by the name Artstor, has migrated to JSTOR.  Nine UCs (all minus UCSF) subscribe to the Artstor collection.
  • Freely available content. The Artstor platform offered freely available image collections to users. These free resources have also migrated over to the JSTOR platform. JSTOR continues to add more public image content to the platform as well.
  • Institutional collections. CDL and our UC campuses subscribe to JSTOR Forum, a backend tool to organize and catalog hosted image collections, which were previously published to the legacy Artstor website for access by users. JSTOR, CDL, and the UCs have worked to republish these hosted collections to the JSTOR platform. This includes licensed content restricted to individual campuses, content shared across some or all of the UCs, and content institutions may choose to make publicly available.

Linking to Image Content at JSTOR

* Links to content from the old Artstor platform will automatically redirect to the new platform on August 1, 2024, and will remain for at least one year. will redirect to

  • * Please note: EZproxy may not support URLs with hashtags. In these cases, the link may default to

Finding institutional collections that your campus has access to

At the JSTOR platform, there is no page equivalent to the “Institutional Collections” page from the old Artstor platform, which previously gathered all of the collections that your campus hosted or that other UCs hosted and shared with your campus.

To find links to collections your campus hosts, navigate to Browse > Your Institutional Collections

To find links to collections another UC has shared with your campus, navigate to Browse  > Collections > search under Collection Contributor for the hosting campus’s name. When you visit this page from your campus, you will see only the collections the contributing campus has shared with you (or are public). 

*JSTOR may continue to develop how their platform functions

User Accounts

In February 2024, users’ image groups were copied to their personal JSTOR Workspace accounts at the new platform. All users were notified at this time. Any further changes users have made to their Artstor accounts at the old platform will need to be manually updated at their JSTOR account. Users’ personal collections were copied to the new JSTOR platform on April 15, 2024. 

See also: Your Artstor Image Groups on JSTOR for more information on working with JSTOR Workspace and Your Artstor Personal Collections on JSTOR.

Additional Training Resources for Library Staff