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Iter Bibliography Moves to EBSCOhost

As of May 24, 2024 Iter Bibliography has migrated to EBSCOhost as the new hosting platform for subscribers, from its original platform at Iter through the University of Toronto (  UC has 7 campus subscribers to Iter Bibliography (UCB, UCD, UCI, UCM, UCSB, UCSC, UCSD).

Access at the previous platform will continue through June 28th; however it is recommended that users update any bookmarks now to point to access at EBSCOhost. The new URL for access to Iter Bibliography at EBSCOhost is:,uid 

UC subscribers to Iter Italicum, a separate database, will continue to access this resource at the original Iter Press platform – no change is expected at this time.

Iter Press has stated as the reason for the migration in an announcement to customers: “It will give the Toronto team significantly more time to devote to the expansion of the Bibliography while EBSCO leverages their deep expertise and resources to deliver the Bibliography to our communities.


This article has been edited to include the date for extension of access at the old platform.