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Highlight on the Global Press Archive CRL collections

In 2022, CDL and the UC campuses committed to supporting the Global Press Archive CRL Phase 2 project, continuing the work accomplished in Phase 1. This project supports the digitization of millions of pages of content hosted on East View’s GPA platform. These collections are made available through the GPA CRL Alliance, a partnership between the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and East View Information Services.

The GPA CRL collections promote open access to both thematic and single-title collections of digitized newspapers. Additional in-copyright collections are made available for CRL-member institutions (IP-restricted), as a benefit of membership.  Throughout Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project, many collections covering a diverse range of global content have been published and made available to users worldwide. To date, the GPA CRL Alliance has produced 8 open access collections and 6 CRL-Wide member collections. 

Open Access collections include:

Imperial Russian Newspapers  
Independent and Revolutionary Mexican Newspapers  
Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers   
Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers  
Southeast Asian Newspapers  
South Asian Newspapers  
El Mundo Digital Archive  
Daily Observer Digital Archive

CRL-wide member collections include:

Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers Premium (5 additional in-copyright titles)
El Caribe Digital Archive  
East African Newspapers  
Post-Perestroika Newspapers 
Local and Independent Ukrainian Newspapers 
Soviet-Era Ukrainian Newspapers 

CDL has worked to make the open access collections available in the catalog to our UC users.

CDL has also added the CRL-wide collections for UC’s CRL member libraries. Nine UC campuses are CRL member institutions (all except UCSF). 

More information about the GPA CRL project can be found at:

East View’s CRL Alliance page:

CRL News: 


About East View’s Global Press Archive Platform:

The GPA platform ( contains resources that are both part of the GPA CRL Alliance, as well as other resources that East View offers to customers. Collections cover over 30 languages from around the world, and many of the titles are presented in digital format for the first time.  Designed for searching newspaper archives, the platform offers full page images and full text format, newspaper clipping tools, crowdsourced text corrections, and virtual keyboards for searching in Arabic, Russian, and Turkish.