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Three New Newspaper Databases at Shanghai Library’s CNBKSY Platform logo




Four UC campuses have recently purchased several newspaper archives at CNBKSY. Participating UC campuses include: Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego, and Irvine.


The China Times 時事新報 1911-1949 

Access at:

CNBKSY has digitized 147,000 pages of The China Times, from its beginning to its final issue.


The National Herald 神州日報 1907-1946 

Access at:

The National Herald was the first large-scale daily newspaper founded by the revolutionaries of the late Qing Dynasty.  CNBKSY has digitized over 63,000 pages of The National Herald.


Sheng-ching Shih-pao 盛京時報 1906-1944 

Access at:

Sheng-ching Shih-pao was a leading Japanese-owned Chinese newspaper. CNBKSY has digitized 105,000 pages of Sheng-ching Shih-pao, covering all pages from the first to final issue.


For questions about these resources, please contact Ying Zhang (, the Tier 2 Coordinator and Resource Liaison for Shanghai Library.