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New Japanese Resources


The UC system has two new collections at J-DAC:

Yokomizo Seishi Kyūzō Shiryō 横溝正史旧蔵資料  (Collection of Seishi Yokomizo)


This database offers online access to the collection of materials in more than 14,000 pieces comprising manuscripts, drafts, writing notes, memos, scenarios for books made into films, etc., originally collected by Seishi Yokomizo (1902-1981), one of Japan’s leading postwar mystery novelists, which are currently held by Nishogakusha University. 


Edogawa Ranpo “Harimaze Nenpu” 江戸川乱歩「貼雑年譜」(Edogawa Rampo Harimaze Nenpu: A Chronicle of His Life in Clippings)


The database offers online access to “Harimaze nenpu” or a scrapbook (in 9 volumes) covering the period from 1894 to 1964, created by Edogawa Rampo (1894-1965), who is considered the first modern mystery writer in Japan. The “Harimaze nenpu,” which is currently held by the Edogawa Rampo Memorial Center for Popular Culture Studies, contains more than 2,600 original documents, including Rampo’s own notes, diaries, manuscripts, letters from writers and publishers, movie and theater pamphlets, press sheets, and clippings from domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines.  


Funding contributions for these two new J-DAC collections were generously made by UCB and UCLA, with access to these resources for all UC campuses. 


The UC system has two new collections at JapanKnowledge:

Shiryō Sanshū 史料纂集 (Collected Historical Materials) [1st and 2nd phases]


Shiryō Sanshū consists of important historical primary source materials of a wide range of genres and from different eras, from ancient to early-modern times, as well as diaries of court nobles, warriors, and Buddhist and Shinto priests in modern type-set scripts. Phase one and two together reproduce 23 titles in 104 volumes from the Heian (794-1185) through Sengoku (1467-1573) periods from the historical records section.  

Heian Ibun 平安遺文 (Collection of Historical Materials of the Heian Period)


Heian Ibun is a collection of more than 5,500 ancient texts of the Heian period (794-1185), arranged in chronological order, which was compiled into 11 volumes by the late Dr. Rizo Takeuchi (1907-1977), former director of the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo. While the original edition of Heian Ibun began publishing in 1947, this Web edition reproduces all 11 volumes of the newly revised edition published between 1974 and 1998 and it reflects the corrections made by the Historiographical Institute on the texts afterwards. 


Funding for these two JapanKnowledge collections was generously provided by UCSB, with access for all UCs. 


Added Content to Yomidas Rekishikan 

The 6 subscribing campuses to the Yomidas Rekishikan database have now added the optional Showa no Chiiki-ban (Regional Sections) content to their database access.   

Access to this content is through the same database URL for Yomidas Rekishikan.  Also note that beginning Jan. 22, 2024, the Yomidas Rekishikan database URL has changed to: The previous URL ( will run simultaneously through March 2024, after which users must use the new URL for access. 

Showa no Chiiki-ban (Regional Sections) contains scans of 2.76 million regional news pages dating from 1933 to 2001 that have been added to the archive.


For more information about these resources, please contact: 

Toshie Marra, UCB, Resource Liaison for J-DAC and JapanKnowledge content

Tomoko Bialock, UCLA, Resource Liaison for Yomidas Rekishikan