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Updates to the WEST Executive Committee Composition and Candidacy

In 2021, the WEST Executive Committee reviewed WEST’s governance documentation and made two updates to the Executive Committee’s composition and candidacy parameters to expand the range of perspectives that shape WEST’s strategic directions and to further enhance the connection between WEST’s operational and strategic decision-making:

  1. There shall be a liaison appointed from the WEST Operations and Collections Council, who shall also serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.
  2. Eligible WEST Primary Contacts may include senior-level management leaders, such as Associate University Librarians and Associate Deans. Primary Contact nominations should include an expression of support from the institution’s WEST Director Contact. To ensure a balance of perspectives, there shall be no fewer than six (6) representatives that are Library Directors or Deans. 

The annual call for nominations to both the Executive Committee and the Operations and Collections Council (OCC) will be distributed this month (September) to WEST Director and Primary Contacts. Please keep these changes in mind as you consider nominating a colleague or self-nominating for the WEST Executive Committee. 

To learn more about these governance bodies, please see the complete documentation here

You can also review the current WEST Executive and OCC rosters here

If you have any questions or comments about these updates or WEST’s governance, please reach out to WEST’s Program Manager, Alison Wohlers, at