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WEST Governance

WEST is governed by the Executive Committee which is supported by the Operations and Collections Council. To learn more, please see WEST’s governance documentation.

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WEST Executive Committee

WEST is governed by an Executive Committee that oversees its operation and development. The Committee drafts annual budgets for approval by member representatives and also seeks to integrate WEST with print archiving programs elsewhere, nationally and internationally.

Name Institution Term
Michael Brewer (chair) University of Arizona Term ends 2025
Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez (vice chair) UC Berkeley/UC Northern Regional Library Facility Term ends 2025
Denise Stephens (past chair) University of Oklahoma Term ends 2024
John Wenzler CSU East Bay Term ends June 2024
Jill Emery Portland State University Term ends 2024
Melissa Desantis University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Term ends 2025
Shari Laster Arizona State University Term ends 2026
Kerry Scott UC Santa Cruz Term ends 2026
Carol Smith University of Kansas Term ends 2026
Carlos Rodriguez CSU Los Angeles Term ends 2026
Miranda Bennett CDL Administrative Host continuing
  • Alison Wohlers (WEST Program Manager) (nonvoting)
  • tbd (WEST Analyst) (nonvoting)

WEST Executive Representatives to the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance

  1. Melissa Desantis, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
  2. Michael Brewer, University of Arizona

WEST Operations and Collections Council

WEST’s Operations and Collections Council oversees issues related to holdings disclosure and access/delivery. Furthermore, the Council oversees the process to review and prioritize sets of titles and title nominations for inclusion in the WEST archive.

Name Institution Term
Jack Maness University of Denver Term ends 2024
Molly Strothmann Oklahoma State University Term ends 2024
Jill Emery Portland State University Term ends 2024
Randyn Heisserer-Miller Colorado State University Term ends 2024
Wil Weston San Diego State University Term ends 2024
Nancy Lorimer Stanford University Term ends 2024
Cass Kvenild University of Wyoming Term ends 2025
Kerri Goergen-Doll Oregon State University Term ends 2026
Robin Sinn Iowa State University Term ends 2026
Roger Smith UC San Diego Term ends 2026
Leland Deeds Washington University in St. Louis Term ends 2026
  • Alison Wohlers (WEST Program Manager) (nonvoting)
  • tbd (WEST Analyst) (nonvoting)

2023-24 Working Groups & Task Forces

WEST Internet Archive Pilot Implementation Task Force

The IATF is charged to:

  1. put in place necessary guidelines and workflows to implement the Internet Archive Pilot; and
  2. identify and recommend areas for future refinement (i.e. the pilot may embrace a “minimum viable product” approach while recommending areas for enhancement).

Please see the full charge here

The Task Force carries forward the work of the WEST Non-journal Formats Working Group whose recommendation to prioritize a pilot project to donate duplicates copies of WEST-archived titles to the Internet Archive was approved by the WEST Executive Committee in August 2022. 

Name Institution
Alison Wohlers (convener) WEST project team
Bob Heyer-Gray University of California, Davis
Megan Sallabedra Getty Research Institute
Michele Potter University of California, Riverside
Shari Laster Arizona State University
Lidia Uziel University of California, Santa Barbara
Liz Rosenberg Internet Archive


The California Digital Library serves as the Administrative Host for WEST and is responsible for program management and administrative services including:

  • Providing an administrative home and support for the WEST Project Manager and other project staff.
  • Administering WEST financial operations: calculating and collecting fees, processing validation payments to Archive Builders, maintaining auditable accounts, and preparing quarterly income and expense reports.
  • Creating and maintaining WEST website with documentation, lists of participants, policies, etc.

WEST Program Contacts

  • Alison Wohlers (WEST Program Manager & CDL Shared Print Manager)
  • tbd (WEST & CDL Shared Print Analyst)