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WEST Membership

WEST has 58 members and over 40 Archive Holders.

WEST Member map showing Archiver Status detail (February 2023)

This map shows the distribution of the WEST members across the western region of the US. To interact with the map and other WEST collections data, see WEST’s Tableau Dashboard.

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WEST Members

Member Institution  Archiver Status
Arizona State University Archive Builder
Baylor University Non-Archive Holder
California State University, Fullerton Non-Archive Holder
California State University, Los Angeles Non-Archive Holder
California State University, Northridge Archive Holder
Claremont Colleges Archive Holder
Colorado State University, Fort Collins Archive Holder
Graduate Theological Union Non-Archive Holder
Iowa State University Archive Holder
J. Paul Getty Trust Archive Holder
Kansas State University Archive Holder
Loyola Marymount University Archive Holder
Mount Saint Mary’s University Archive Holder
Oklahoma State University Archive Holder
Oregon State University Archive Holder
Portland State University Archive Holder
Rice University Archive Holder
San Diego State University Non-Archive Holder
San Jose State University Archive Holder
Seattle Pacific University Archive Holder
Stanford University Archive Holder
Southern Methodist University Non-Archive Holder
The Huntington Library Archive Holder
University of Arizona Archive Holder
UC Berkeley / Northern Regional Library Facility Archive Builder
UC Davis Non-Archive Holder
UC Irvine Archive Holder
UCLA / Southern Regional Library Facility Archive Builder
UC Riverside Archive Holder
UC San Diego Archive Holder
UC San Francisco Non-Archive Holder
UC Santa Barbara Archive Holder
UC Santa Cruz Archive Holder
University of Colorado, Boulder Non-Archive Holder
University of Colorado, Denver Health Sciences Library Archive Holder
University of Denver Archive Builder
University of Idaho Archive Holder
University of Kansas Archive Builder
University of Missouri Archive Builder
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Non-Archive Holder
University of Oklahoma Archive Holder
University of San Diego Archive Holder
University of San Francisco Archive Holder
University of Washington Archive Holder
University of Wyoming Archive Holder
Utah State University Archive Holder
Washington State University Archive Holder
Washington University in St. Louis Archive Holder
Austin College (Sherman, TX) Non-Archive Holder
California Baptist University Non-Archive Holder
California State University, East Bay Non-Archive Holder
Colorado Mesa University Non-Archive Holder
Occidental College Non-Archive Holder
Pepperdine University Archive Holder
Reed College Archive Holder
St. Mary’s College of California Non-Archive Holder
UC Merced Non-Archive Holder
University of Redlands Non-Archive Holder
Brigham Young University Archive Holder
California Institute of Technology Archive Holder
Oregon Health & Science University Archive Holder
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Archive Holder
University of Hawaii at Manoa Archive Holder
University of La Verne Archive Holder
University of New Mexico Archive Holder
University of Oregon Archive Holder
Willamette University Archive Holder

Member Types

WEST members participate as supporting or full members. WEST member fee tiers are based on Average of NCES Total Library Expenditures (EXTOT) in 2012 and iPeds LEXTOT 2014.

WEST Member Types and Fee Tiers

Full members receive yearly collection comparison reports that identify the titles in their collections which have been archived by WEST, allowing them to quickly identify areas for review and opportunities for local space reclamation. All members have access to WEST-archived materials via interlibrary loan, and are added to the WEST OCLC Profiled Group and are eligible to join the WEST RapidILL pod upon membership.

All members benefit from access to the archives. All members support selection of titles, collections analysis, and active creation of print archives at six Archive Builders (high density storage facilities) throughout the region. All Members may also use the Journal Retention and Needs Listing tool (JRNL) to expose gaps in archives to solicit contributions and make offers to fill gaps. Full members are additionally eligible to participate in the regional collections analysis and have the opportunity to serve as an Archive Holder. Participants in the collections analysis receive proposals for retention of deep backfiles and a custom collection comparison report.

Archiver Status

Members are designated Archive Builders, Archive Holders, or non-archive holders. Archive Builders take an active role in building archives of high-risk materials, performing validation activities and soliciting volumes from the rest of the WEST membership to fill gaps in their holdings. Archive Builders are storage facilities that meet certain physical and environmental standards to ensure the safety and long-term availability of high-risk materials. Archive Holders retain lower risk materials, and are not required to perform any validation activities or fill gaps in their holdings. Non-archive holders do not hold collections for WEST, but are often asked to contribute volumes to Archive Builders and thus help ensure the integrity and coverage of the collections. More information about these options are available on the Contributing to the Archives page.

Members who hold archived materials for WEST are responsible for maintaining those collections for WEST even if their membership ends.