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Become a WEST Member

Membership in WEST offers institutions and consortia access to a large and wide-ranging collection of print journals as well as the opportunity to contribute to this collection. Members leverage the WEST trust network to support strategic deployment of local resources, including collection management, physical space, and staff, without sacrificing access to critical collection materials. 

By joining WEST, members gain

  • a trusted preservation network
  • access to all WEST archived materials
  • access to program and functional expertise
  • centralized collections analysis and tools to support local collection decision making
  • advocacy with library service providers
  • national collaboration with peer programs through the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance
  • opportunities to influence and steer program development through participatory governance

For more information about what WEST offers its members, see the Value of WEST Infographic.

An institution can join WEST by contacting the WEST Program Manager, Alison Wohlers, at The WEST Executive Committee reviews requests to join.

Members sign a Member Agreement with the California Digital Library (CDL), the WEST Administrative Host. The Member Agreement incorporates the WEST Program Statement (MOU) and other terms. Institutions that also serve as Archive Holders, sign additional addenda.