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CDL’s Publishing & Special Collections Group Releases 2019/2020 Service Roadmaps

CDL’s Publishing & Special Collections (P&SC) Group is excited to announce that our 2019/2020 service roadmaps are now publicly available:

As was the case last year, these roadmaps reflect our goals and priorities for the current timeframe and contain:

  • high level enhancements and new features,
  • significant maintenance tasks,
  • major projects, and
  • substantial areas of R&D.  

These refreshed versions include updated service goals and associated work, described in individual “cards.”

Calisphere's 2019/2020 Service Goals

Calisphere’s service goals (above)

Completely new this year is a “Labs” component, which can be found as its own list in each of the roadmaps.  Labs are experiments that we are conducting to test and evaluate new product features or service enhancements. We explore labs projects as our resources and bandwidth allow, without competing against our regular, ongoing service commitments.

eScholarship Lab's activities

eScholarship Labs cards (above)

Trello is once again the platform for our roadmaps, so the structure will be familiar to those who followed our work last year. Cards migrate across the board as they are prioritized and worked on, with a card moving, for example, from the “Planned for FY 2019/2010” list to the “Recently Released” list as it is scheduled, worked on, and completed.  As was the case before, we will evaluate new potential activities and add them to the roadmap mid-year when warranted.

P&SC roadmaps are public–anyone can click on a card and see what we’re doing.  To get automatically notified about updates related to a task, create a free Trello account and select the “Watch” button in the card for that task, as shown in the screenshot below.

Watching a Trello card

“Watching” a card from the Collection Management Systems roadmap (above)

Now that we’ve released the new roadmaps, we are evaluating last year’s efforts to understand how well they helped us prioritize our work, respond to changes, and increase transparency. Anything we learn from this assessment will feed into our ongoing process. 

As always, we want to hear from you about your concerns and priorities.  If you have questions or thoughts after exploring our current roadmaps, feel free to add them to the related card–or click on the appropriate link below to make suggestions or +1 an existing idea for the upcoming year!