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SCP Monthly Update – August 2019

SCP has posted the distribution statistics report for the month of July 2019. This monthly report shows net increase or decrease of titles from CDL licensed and selected open access collections. They are color coded as: Net Increase (Green)Net Decrease (Red)New Package (Purple)Removed Package (Orange).

For serials, it has been the busiest month cataloging end-of-year new acquisitions such as Taylor & Francis journal archive, Gale Sabin journals, Cambridge journal archive, keeping up with aggregator database monthly updates (EBSCO and Gale) and updating Elsevier journals due to Elsevier closing access to the Freedom Collection and shutting off access to 2019 content (and content going forward) for UC’s licensed ScienceDirect journals.  New packages distributed: Gale. Sabin Americana, 1500-1926 online journals (6 titles), Open access resource selected by the UC Libraries. Hate in America online newspapers (20 titles). Other major distributions were Cambridge online journals (10 titles), Open Access journals (51 titles, including ScienceDirect 30 titles), ScienceDirect online journals (43 titles), and Taylor & Francis online journals (51 titles). The distributions also included a removed package: ScienceDirect online journals. Freedom collection (2,226 titles).

Kudos to Kate Garvey-Clasby for getting the Elsevier journals access updates done on very short notice. It’s a challenging task as our serials often cross multiple packages with different coverages. The Freedom Collection update consisted of either deleting Freedom Collection records entirely, or by deleting access links from existing records. For ScienceDirect records that had open holdings, she closed off the holdings in the 856 field with a “-2018.” Kate also had to generate Local Holdings Records (LHRs) and update holdings on OCLC. It required a lot of intellectual effort to design and craft sophisticated logistics to ensure the updates were done effectively and in the correct order. Kate planned it well and did it on cue.
For monographs, the addition of 36,885 records to the Gale. Sabin Americana, 1500-1926 online monographs brings title-level cataloging for the monographs to a close. Following up on last month’s update on Naxos, 5,301 new records were added to the Naxos music library online audio main collection with Jazz additions and deletions soon to come.

Other major record distributions were: ACM Digital Library online conference proceedings (135 titles), Berg Fashion Library online monographs (37 titles), Cambridge online monographs (205 titles), CRCnetBASE online monographs (174 titles), Elsevier monographs (145 titles in 17 subjects), IEEE Xplore online conference proceedings (173 titles), JSTOR monographs (385 titles), Safari tech books online monographs (9 titles), SpringerLink monographs (670 titles in 19 subjects, including: Biomedical and life sciences 57 titles, Computer science 80 titles, Economics and finance 48 titles, Engineering 68 titles, Medicine 83 titles, Social sciences 54 titles), Wiley monographs (18 titles), CNP monographs (91 titles) and Superstar. Chinamaxx online monographs (26 titles). The distributions also included a net decrease for the package: Gale. Eighteenth century collections online monographs (83 titles).

DDA Programs: DDA programs with numbers changed as of today, August 5, 2019: CNPeReading CDL DDA online monographs (5,458 discovery records + 132 purchased titles), JSTOR CDL DDA pilot (7,010 discovery records + 1,402 purchased titles). DDA Programs without change: Airiti DDA (3,460 discovery records + 785 purchased titles), CRC Press ENGnetBASE online monographs (406 purchased titles (2013 package (105 titles), 2014 package (64 titles), 2015 package (133 titles), and 2016 package (104 titles)), EBSCO Japanese DDA (466 purchased titles), Maruzen eBook Library online monographs (311 purchased titles) and YBP/Ebrary online monographs via ProQuest (665 purchased titles).

Note on SCP serials cataloging transition, Phase II: After consultation with SCP-AC members and SCP system liaisons, SCP will start Phase II implementation to convert 44,000+ print records to online records. On August 19, SCP will include in the distribution file 800+ print records for deletion. These records are from all packages that they already have equivalent online records distributed in the past by SCP. Starting September 1, SCP will take a package by package approach to convert print records to online records. We expect to send out most of a package at one time along with notification to the SCP-AC and SCPSYS lists. We will include the Phase II implementation updates in the SCP Monthly Update as well. Please see this CDLINFO article for more details.

Note on SCP web pages: As part of the CDL website migration, SCP webpages are in a soft freeze period; all updates are sent to the CDL web team, so there will be some delay in keeping some webpages such as the E-resource tracking page, record distribution statistics, etc. current.

Please report to the CDL Helpline

  • Cataloging Delay (if more than three months):  A title might have been missed on the vendor title list, UC-eLinks (SFX) might have not yet been activated, OCLC record might have not been available yet, to name a few things that cause cataloging delays. It usually takes about two-three months for OCLC records to become available or for items to become available for SFX activation when new titles are added to an existing collection.
  • Cataloging Errors:  Please include the OCLC Number (preferred), ISSN, or ISBN in the ‘Record Locator’ section of the form.

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