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SCP Monthly Update — March 2019

SCP posted the distribution statistics report for the month of February 2019. This monthly report shows net increase or decrease of titles from CDL licensed and selected open access collections. For serials, our major distributions were Open Access journals (378 titles, including DOAJ 350 titles, PubMed Central 13 titles, and ScienceDirect 15 titles).

For monographs, our major record distributions were: ACM Digital Library (73 titles, including conference proceedings 72 titles), ASTM online monographs (7 titles), Cambridge online monographs (240 titles), CRCnetBASE online monographs (499 titles), Elsevier monographs (87 titles in 16 subsets), IEEE Xplore online conference proceedings (131 titles), JSTOR monographs (258 titles), Karger online monographs (20 titles), Safari tech books online monographs (316 titles), and SpringerLink monographs (1,621 titles, including Business and management 116 titles, Computer science 94 titles, Earth and environmental science 48 titles, Economics and finance 52 titles, Education 97 titles, Engineering 87 titles, Mathematics and statistics 469 titles, Medicine 81 titles, Political science and international studies 68 titles, Professional and applied computing 258 titles, Social sciences 59 titles, and titles in 10 other subsets) and Wiley online monographs (123 titles).

DDA Programs: DDA programs with number changed as of today, Feb. 4, 2019: Airiti DDA (3,337 discovery records + 663 purchased titles), CNPeReading CDL DDA online monographs (4,189 discovery records + 132 purchased titles), JSTOR CDL DDA pilot (5,887 discovery records + 1,054 purchased titles). DDA Programs with no change: CRC Press ENGnetBASE online monographs 406 purchased titles (2013 package (105 titles), 2014 package (64 titles), 2015 package (133 titles), and 2016 package (104 titles)), EBSCO Japanese DDA 466 purchased titles, and YBP/Ebrary online monographs via ProQuest 665 purchased titles.

Note on Chinese DDA records: Over 4,200 of CNPeReading DDA discovery records were sent to Data Sync Service for record matching or creation in Jan. 2019, after Bie-hwa Ma and Kate Garvey-Clasby prepared the file including deduping among e-books packages and cleanup). OCLC returned the results in Feb.  Among them, 3,672 new records were distributed and the same amount of brief records were sent for deletion on Feb. 19, 2019. There were 517 records not distributed due to matched OCLC records lacking parallel Romanization fields. We are currently waiting for OCLC to resolve the issue. Please stay tuned for the upcoming update.

Note on status of SCP cataloging requests: SCP currently does not have an automatic mechanism to notify requester when a requested title or collection of titles has been cataloged. SCP will try to notify bibliographer requestors individually when an Open Access title is cataloged but notification may not always happen. If you are wondering about the status of cataloging of an individual title (or package), please check for more information on the new collection request status page and/or OA journal titles request status page.  For OA journals, titles highlighted in green indicate the title is cataloged. For new collection/database, titles highlighted in green indicate database level cataloging is done; yellow highlighting indicates title level cataloging is done. The new collection request status page also includes information about SCP’s recommendations and JSC decisions.

Note on SCP web pages: As part of the CDL website migration, SCP web pages are in a soft freeze period; all updates are sent to the CDL web team, so there will be some delay on keeping current with the E-resource tracking page, record distribution statistics, etc.

Please report to the CDL Helpline on
• Cataloging Delay (if more than three months):  A title might have been missed on the vendor title list, UC-eLinks (SFX) might have not yet been activated, OCLC record might have not been available yet, to name a few things that cause cataloging delays. It usually takes about two-three months for OCLC records to become available or for items to become available for SFX activation when new titles are added to an existing collection.
• Cataloging Errors: Please include the OCLC Number (preferred), ISSN, or ISBN in the ‘Record Locator’ section of the form.

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