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2019 WEST Executive Committee Election Results and Operations and Collections Council Appointments

The Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) is governed by an Executive Committee that oversees the operation and development of WEST and works to integrate WEST with related archiving programs nationally and internationally.

WEST members cast their votes in elections for the Executive Committee between November 30th, 2018 and January 7th, 2019.

At the close of the 2019 WEST Executive Committee elections, WEST achieved a 60% response rate, with 100% of respondents endorsing the candidates for 2019. Having received endorsement from the required minimum of 51% of WEST voting members, we can now welcome our newest Executive Committee member, John Wenzler, Dean of Libraries at CSU East Bay, and confirm the extended terms of Jay Starratt (Dean of Libraries, Washington State University), Virginia Steel (University Librarian, UC Los Angeles), and Mark Roosa (Dean of Libraries, Pepperdine University).

WEST’s Operations and Collections Council (OCC) is charged by the Executive Committee to establish, review, and revise WEST policies, and oversee collections analysis to make title selections for inclusion in the WEST archive. Members of the OCC are appointed by the WEST Executive committee primarily on the basis of their expertise, although the Executive Committee also strives to maintain a balance of member type and geographic representation on the Council. This year, the full WEST membership was asked for nominations or self-nominations for the OCC. This proved to be a valuable addition to our recruitment process and will be continued.

For 2019, we welcome six new members to the Council:

Shari Laster, Head of the Open Stacks Collection, Arizona State University

Nancy Lorimer, Head of the Metadata Department, Stanford University

Laura Turner, Head of Collections, Access, and Discovery, University of San Diego

Molly Strothmann, Collection Manager, University of Oklahoma

Jack Maness, Associate Dean for Scholarly Communications and Collections Services, University of Denver

Jill Emery, Collection Development & Management Librarian, Portland State University

Our new members will join five continuing and renewing members.

Full rosters for the Executive Committee and OCC are available on the WEST website. If you would like to learn more about WEST’s governance, documentation is available on the WEST wiki here.

A very warm welcome to all new and continuing members of WEST’s governance groups!