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Global Financial Data (GFD) moves to a new platform

Currently, eight of the UC campuses (except UCSF and UCSB) license the Global Financial Data (GFD) database. On Wednesday, November 1st, GFD will transition to a new platform, powered by Finaeon Analytics. (B, D, I, LA, M, R, SD, and SC; on the GFD Finaeon platform)

The new Global Financial Data platform supports an interface that integrates and consolidates data from various sources and exchanges into a central repository where data are easily exported and analyzed. Researchers have access to accurate and complete financial information through the easy-to-use platform.

In addition to the eight search engines currently available in GFD, the new platform makes four new search engines (Fixed Income Securities, Constituent Membership, All Files and Securities, and Events in Time) available.

Also included in the new interface are two new trees (Finaeon Tree and My Tree); new tools, like a built-in currency converter; and improved charting.


On November 1st, the new platform will replace the GFD platform re-using the existing URL. Consequently, changes to the PID, URL-redirects and proxy server configuration updates are not necessary.  Users will be able to log into the GFD Finaeon platform using their existing account username and password.

As before, GFD provides two methods of login for academic users. Academic users can “Login Anonymously” (search the database, access individual data, and graph individual series) or via a personal account (personal home page, customizable access, multiple series download into a single worksheet).

Hilary Schiraldi, UCB, is the Resource Liaison for Global Financial Data.