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Annual Collection Comparison Reports for Cycle 6 now available in AGUA

At the end of August, the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) announced that the sixth archiving cycle is complete and the Cycle 6/2017 collection comparison reports are available to full members.

If your institution provided records for analysis in fall 2015, a custom collection comparison report has been prepared for you and is available for download in AGUA, WEST’s information center. For instructions about how to log in to AGUA and download your collection comparison report, please visit the WEST wiki. For questions about logging in to the WEST wiki, please contact Alison Wohlers (

Collection comparison reports are an important benefit of full members’ participation in WEST. This report may be very useful when making decisions locally. To create the collection comparison reports, we compare each library’s holdings against the WEST archived titles. The 2017 institution-specific reports list all titles held locally that have also been archived by WEST (in Cycles 1-6). Please note: if your library also serves as an archive holder, your report will not list the titles that your institution has archived locally.

Please download your report and forward it to the appropriate people in your organization who use this information to make collection management decisions. Please note that the reports are only created for full members that provided bibliographic and holdings information for collections analysis; if your institution did not provide records for analysis or if you are a supporting library, you will not receive a report.

For supporting libraries, if you are interested in comparing your holdings to WEST archived titles, you may do so through the on demand collection comparison report in AGUA. Instructions for this newly added feature are found in the AGUA User Manual, or in the form of a webinar recording posted on the WEST website under the right sidebar WEST Presentations. If you would like to view a complete list of WEST archived titles, you can download the WEST All Archived Titles report in AGUA. You can also see WEST holdings in the context of other shared print programs through the Center for Research Libraries’ Print Archives Preservation Registry.