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Latest eScholarship Activity: Campus 3rd Quarter 2016 Reports

3rd_qCheck out this quarter’s reports to discover eScholarship’s publishing profiles (and more). Here’s a listing of each campus’s most popular publications this quarter brought to you by the eScholarship team.

UC Berkeley:  “Marxist Theories of Development, the New International Division of Labor, and the Third World” by Parthasarathy, Balaji, Department of City and Regional Planning: Berkeley Planning Journal
Requests: 2,473 (this quarter) 16,392 (total to date)
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UC Davis:  “The Rudolph sign of nasal vestibular furunculosis: Questions raised by this common but under-recognized nasal mucocutaneous disorder” by Dahle, Kevin W; Sontheimer, Richard D,: Dermatology Online Journal
Requests: 19,630 (this quarter) 169,738 (total to date)
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UC Irvine: “Mondor’s Disease of the Penis” by Hamilton, Justin; Mossanen, Matthew; Strote, Jared, Department of Emergency Medicine (UCI): Western Journal of Emergency Medicine: Integrating Emergency Care with Population Health
Requests: 949 (this quarter) 3,170 (total to date)
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UC Los Angeles: “Green Marketing: A Study of Consumer Perception and Preferences in India” by Bhatia, Mayank; Jain, Amit, UCLA Library: Electronic Green Journal
Requests: 3,635 (this quarter) 23,699 (total to date)
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UC Merced:  “Doubling diversity: a cautionary tale of previously unsuspected mammalian diversity on a tropical oceanic island” by Heaney, Lawrence Richard; Balete, Danilo S.; Duya, Mariano Roy M.; Duya, Melizar V.; Jansa, Sharon A.; Steppan, Scott J.; Rickart, Eric A., : Frontiers of Biogeography
Requests: 1,670 (this quarter) 1,681 (total to date)
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UC Riverside:  “A Single Historical Continuum” by Christian, David, The Institute for Research on World-Systems: Cliodynamics
Requests: 2,620  (this quarter) 10,392  (total to date)
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UC Santa Barbara: “Discovering Discovery: Chich’en Itza, the Dresden Codex Venus Table and 10th Century Mayan Astronomical Innovation” by Aldana, Gerardo, : Journal of Astronomy in Culture
Requests: 1,878 (this quarter) 1,898  (total to date)
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UC Santa Cruz:  “Whatever Happened to the Past Tense Debate?” by Pinker, Steven, Linguistics Research Center: Wondering at the Natural Fecundity of Things: Essays in Honor of Alan Prince
Requests: 1,488 (this quarter) 6,642 (total to date)
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UC San Diego:  “Nursing Practice, Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceived Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice at an Academic Medical Center” by Brown, Caroline E.; Wickline, Mary; Ecoff, Laurie; Glaser, Dale, UC San Diego Library: Library’s Research Works
Requests: 584 (this quarter) 13,010 (total to date)
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UC San Francisco:  “Machine Learning Benchmarks and Random Forest Regression” by Segal, Mark R, Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biostatistics: Recent Work
Requests: 413 (this quarter) 12,120 (total to date)
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