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IPv6 and access to library resources

2016-07-14_15-58-20IEEE recently updated their IEEEXplore platform to be IPv6 aware, which means that if a user’s machine has an IPv6 address assigned to it – even if the machine has both an IPv6 address and a regular IP (“IPv4”) address available – the IPv6 address will take precedence for authentication. Machines using IPv4 only will continue to authenticate to IEEE using IPv4.

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in the U.S. has been (and will continue to be) extremely gradual. Individual UC campuses are at different points in the IPv6 rollout process. Some campuses currently have IPv6 addressing available on their selected networks and services. Because of this, soon after the IEEE upgrade, some UC users encountered problems accessing IEEE when on machines using IPv6 addresses.  Those issues have since been resolved and IEEE access should be working correctly for all campuses at this time.

If, in the future, you or your users encounter prompts for payment or login when accessing articles on IEEE, please follow the steps outlined in Helpline global ticket #5732 to gather IP diagnostic information and create a new ticket for CDL —  CDL will follow up with the user’s campus and IEEE to resolve the issue, and the user can use their campus remote access method(s) for resource access in the interim.

Please note that as of July 2016, IEEE is the only systemwide-licensed resource vendor that is IPv6 aware. Since other licensed resources are not aware of IPv6, they still will continue to solely authenticate using IPv4 even if IPv6 is available on the machine.

The CDL Helpline ticketing system is located at

More information on IPv6 can be found at