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UCLDC Project Wrap-Up and Ongoing Collaboration

The launch of the new Calisphere site in September of this year represented the culmination of the UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) Project. We are pleased to say that the project achieved the goal of establishing a full pipeline for managing, aggregating, and providing access to digital collections across the campuses, plus resulted in significant immediate growth in the amount of content brought together and shared with the public. Thank you to everyone in the Libraries who worked with us to realize this vision!

For more information about the project’s deliverables and overall success, read the project summary.

Stay Informed

We invite everyone at the Libraries to continue collaborating with us as we maintain and improve the Calisphere and shared DAMS services. Here’s where to go for more info:

  • Revamped wiki: we renamed the project wiki and transformed it into a more permanent workspace. This is your central place to track our progress and collaborate with us on questions and projects related to Calisphere and the DAMS.
  • Documentation: this site provides information on how to actually use the DAMS and have your collections harvested, plus policies around the service.
  • Listserv: we’re going to keep the UCLDC listserv going (with the same name, for the time being). Anyone at the Libraries is welcome to join. We’ll continue to post updates, pose questions, schedule group calls, etc.

Calisphere/DAMS User Group

The UCLDC project benefitted greatly from the involvement of a Project Stakeholder Group. Over the course of the two years, the group expanded to include additional folks on the campuses in various roles whose voices and perspectives further enriched the work we did together.

Therefore, we are officially morphing the UCLDC Stakeholder Group into a more expansive Calisphere/DAMS User Group. This group will have no mediated membership; we will simply be opening up all calls and the wiki space to any and everyone in the libraries. The UCLDC listserv (mentioned above) is the best way to stay in the loop and effectively “join” the user group. Staff at all levels are encouraged to sign up and participate in the ongoing discussion.

Campus-Specific Information

If you are interested in learning more about your library’s involvement — or have a collection you’d like to add to the aggregation — you can feel free to reach out to us or to your campus’s Collection Administrator. We also conduct bi-weekly calls with staff on each campus who are actively working on adding content to the DAMS and Calisphere. Let us know if you’d like to join in.