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NewsBank Interface Upgrade

NewsBank recently released interface chances for the Access World News and America’s News Magazines databases —

Enhancements include:

• More navigators by which the content can be explored
• Searches can be refined either before or after conducting a search
• Searches can be edited directly on the search form which remains at the top of the result list

• Tool Bar for access to Search History, Document View History, Saved Articles (My Collection) and Other NewsBank Products is available on all screens
• Email, Cite and Print commands are more prominent on the article page
• Add to My Collection, Print or Email are available under each article on the results page
• Source Type icons appear in each article returned on the search results page

• Result list can be sorted before or after entering a search
• URLs for all screens are persistent and can be bookmarked for future use
• Citing requires fewer clicks to get to a preferred format, and more formats are available
• The Browse Issues option is accessible from within articles
• Two options to return to the beginning screen are available: Clickable NewsBank Logo and New Search link under logo
• Enhanced source list provides the ability to search for titles and information about sources

For more information about using the new platform to search and locate different types of news content, including videos, transcripts, and online-only content, please view this short video.

For questions about this resource or the new interface, please contact the Resource Liaison for this resource, Jim Ronningen (


New navigator options can be used to browse content or to limit search results.
New navigator options can be used to browse content or to limit search results.