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CDL welcomes Angela Di Iorio

CDL is thrilled to welcome Angela Di Iorio from La Sapienza Digital Library in Rome. She will be joining us for two months as a visiting scholar.

Angela is a technologist who has been working on digital library management and preservation since 2003. She has designed different small scale digital library systems, and has been involved in research and documentation for a variety of European projects as an expert of metadata standards for libraries and preservation in digital environments.   Angela has published Italian translations of digital library documents and has presented on digital management, long term preservation and metadata standards.

Currently Angela is finalizing a PHD course in Engineering in Computer Science ( and she is studying the application of semantic web technologies in the digital library environment. She will be working with UC3 team analyzing WAS and Merritt data.

When not working on metadata, Angela enjoys modern dance, volleyball, and painting.  Welcome Angela!