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CDL Technical Requirements for Licensed Resources – 2015 Update

tech_reqAn updated version of the Technical Requirements for Licensed Resources document has been posted to

The Technical Requirements document is primarily intended for new and continuing vendors of the University of California’s systemwide licensed electronic resources, but it’s worth a read by those interested in how we set expectations for these vendors. This document summarizes the major technical issues considered during our decision-making process, and offers vendors insight into our preferred solutions, why they’re important to the University of California, and what their implications are for prospective vendors.

The CDL sets a high standard for vendors that ultimately benefits all academic customers and leads to more competitive products for the publisher or vendor.

Major changes in the 2015 revision:

  1. Updates to many linked standards
  2. Substantial changes and additions to several sections, including:
    1. Authentication – Vendor Managed Authentication
    2. Discoverability
    3. Accessibility / ADA Compliance
    4. User Interface / Usability
    5. Presentation of Access Entitlements
    6. Mobile Device Computing
    7. Text and Data Mining
    8. Usage Statistics

For questions and comments about the Technical Requirements document, please contact