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Scopus Access Available through December 2015

CDL is pleased to be able to fund another year of Scopus access for the UC campuses. Scopus ( is a large interdisciplinary abstract and citation database of research literature and selected web sites developed by the publisher Elsevier.

Following an extensive evaluation by the CLS Scopus Task Force and a review of the Task Force’s recommendations by CLS and CoUL, CDL has agreed to fund another year of Scopus for all campuses, with continued access through December 2015. It will be up to each campus library to decide if and when to share this information locally.  Campuses will have until November 2015 to decide whether to continue a shared license.  Scopus Task Force members were Bob Heyer- Gray (D), Dave Schmitt (SD), Jeffrey Loo (B), Michele Potter (R), Lydia Fletcher (I), Lydia Petersen (B), Liladhar Pendse (B), Tony Aponte (LA), Kirk Hastings and Jacqueline Wilson (CDL).

For more information contact:   Jacqueline Wilson (