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WAS Service Update: August 2014

Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • WAS User Group Meeting. The WAS User Group meeting was held during the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting (SAA 2014). The meeting was open to all conference attendees for a discussion to explore web archiving issues related to researcher needs. Notes from the discussion are available here:
  • SAA 2014 Panel. Rosalie chaired a Lightning Talk that focused on access to web archives. The main takeaway was ‘tearing down the silos’. The speakers presented on a variety of methods that they are using to integrate access of their web archives with their existing archival and library collections. For example,
    • creating finding aids for each web archive
    • adding links to existing finding aids for the relevant archived sites
    • providing a web archive collection search page
    • uploading records into library catalogs
    • sending records to OCLC
    • building collaborative collections and providing unified access
    • integrating access with other formats in current discovery systems

    Link to the session description: Session 703: From Crawling to Walking: Improving Access to Web Archives:
    Link to the slides:

  • Storage and Infrastructure Upgrades. Work continues on migration of WAS storage to the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). The project completion date is estimated at Oct/Nov 2014. Work also continues on Rails software upgrades for the Curator and Public interfaces.

New Public Content

University of California, San Francisco Web Archive [Public Archives]



UCSF has created an archive of 75 sites to support their mission to identify, collect, preserve, and maintain rare and unique materials to support research and teaching in the history of the health sciences and the UCSF. The oldest site in the collection is from 2007, when UCSF started capturing websites of the University’s administration, schools, the Graduate Division and the UCSF Medical Center, academic departments, administrative units, organized research units, and student organizations.


WAS Activity, August 2014

  • 112 archives actively collected
  • 1564 total sites collected
  • 2.9 TB of data collected

WAS Service Description

The Web Archiving Service (WAS) enables librarians, archivists and researchers to capture, curate and preserve websites and web‐published materials. WAS makes it easy to build web archives, with scheduling and other tools to help manage your archive. You control public access to your archives and can configure the appearance and navigation of each archive. We also provide collection development consultation and help desk support for web archiving questions.

WAS Service Manager

Rosalie Lack, or

WAS Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

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Service Monitoring and Availability

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