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The DAMS is live! UC Libraries Digital Collection Project reaches major milestone

The UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) Project has just reached the halfway point, and with it, a major milestone: the shared digital asset management system (DAMS) is now in production and ready for use by campus library staff!

Watch our video

Our “Year in Review” video provides a quick picture of the project, this milestone, and other work to date:


About the DAMS

The digital asset management system is one of the core components of the UCLDC system. It will enable campus libraries to build objects, add metadata, and perform a variety of management functions that are necessary for the long-term stewardship of digital content. The DAMS is an installation of Nuxeo, a highly customizable platform used by a large community of users for digital content management. To ready the Nuxeo DAMS for use by the UC Libraries, we:

  • Created a metadata scheme and document model;
  • Tailored the Nuxeo interface to make it as easy as possible for UC librarians to add and edit metadata;
  • Created a user guide to instruct staff on the platform and help them use it effectively; and
  • Pre-loaded the DAMS with at least one existing collection from each participating campus library, for a total of 14 collections added so far. (We will continue to load a selection of existing collections into the platform over the course of the project).

Other release features

The availability of the DAMS is just one part of this summer’s release, nicknamed “Banana Slug.” We also continued to make progress on the other parts of the project, including:

  • Developed wireframes for the public interface
  • Determined branding for the public interface (Calisphere name and logo; see video above for details)
  • Continued to work on the infrastructure for the metadata harvest and Solr API
  • Developed a plan for approaching the harvest of metadata from campus DAM systems

Read the full Banana Slug release notes here.