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Melvyl Changes – Hold Your Horses!

The long-awaited ability to see MARC records is coming June 26, 2014 to WorldCat Discovery—the merger of FirstSearch WorldCat and WorldCat Local (aka Melvyl) — in what is called staff mode. This new feature also introduces a lot of unknowns — particularly related to how library staff accounts will be managed. Those on the WorldCat Discovery beta team at CDL and UC Davis anticipate that this feature, among others, will be widely advertised at the upcoming American Library Association (ALA) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

When will we see it?

We wanted to remind you once again that the UC libraries will not be using the new interface any time soon. WorldCat Discovery will be in beta test mode at least until the end of March 2015. Features continue to be added to the beta each month, and we do not want to remove elements that our users currently have access to in WorldCat Local Melvyl by moving to the new interface before all the features are in place.   Staff is working on understanding how account management will work in the UC libraries environment. We want to ensure that users have the optimum experience in using Melvyl, so for the moment, hold your horses! We’ll wait until the time is right to move to the new WorldCat Discovery Melvyl interface.

You can learn more about the WorldCat Discovery beta at