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UC Libraries Digital Collection Project: "Anteater" (Winter 2014) Release

The CDL is pleased to announce the latest release of the UC Libraries Digital Collection Implementation Project (UCLDC). The release is called “Anteater,” after UC Irvine’s mascot (each release is labeled with a campus nickname to simplify versioning).


The primary focus of this release was to make progress towards our objective of “seeding” the digital asset management system (DAMS) with a selection of existing collections. To do so, we established and tested processes for batch-loading files and metadata, and subsequently began the work of loading collections. We also worked closely with project stakeholders to refine the scope and requirements of the public interface, setting us up to begin the work of building end-user access to the UCLDC collection.

Read the release notes / watch the video demos

Features and milestones

The Anteater release encompasses the following key features and milestones:

  • DAMS configured for UCLDC object types and metadata
  • Processes for batch-loading files and metadata into the DAMS established and tested
  • First collections loaded into the DAMS: simple image objects from UCs Davis, Irvine, Merced, and Riverside
  • Mechanism established for triggering a harvest of a collection hosted on an external platform
  • Experimentation with enhancement tools and techniques for harvested metadata
  • Public interface requirements unpacked and refined with the input of project stakeholders
  • Human resources identified for interaction design/user experience work on the public interface

To learn more about the release and watch the video demos, visit the Anteater (Winter 2014) Release Notes.

About the project

The UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) Implementation Project is a collaborative initiative of the ten campus libraries that will result in a shared platform for managing and displaying selected digital resources. It will reveal the strength and breadth of the UC Libraries’ combined digital collections to end-users, while providing a streamlined underlying technical infrastructure for campus libraries to manage and surface content.

The UCLDC is a two-year project to get the collection up and running with a selection of digital collections representing each of the campus libraries.

For more information about the UCLDC, visit our project wiki.