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HathiTrust October 2013 Update

There are a number of exciting announcements from HathiTrust this month:

  1. Zephir, a new bibliographic data management system developed for HathiTrust by the California Digital Library was released.
  2. HT announced its intention to become a replicating node in the Digital Preservation Network (DPN), contingent upon acceptable terms for doing so.
  3. HT is issuing a broad call to HathiTrust members and non-members alike for cataloging records of US federal government publications to support HathiTrust’s government documents initiative.  CDL will be in touch if any action is needed.

This month’s newsletter also includes updates on an in-person Board meeting that took place in October and the Executive Director search, as well as reports on work related to ingest of locally-digitized content, the HathiTrust government documents registry, the HathiTrust Research Center, and more.