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First release of the UC Libraries Digital Collection Project

The CDL is pleased to announce the first release of the UC Libraries Digital Collection Implementation Project (UCLDC).

The primary goal of the release was to establish infrastructure for the UCLDC, with a focus on the back-end systems and administrative interfaces. This included installing software components, establishing user account workflows, and making headway on the data model, which will define how digital content will be described and organized across the platform. Read the full Release Notes here.

The release is called “Aggie,” after UC Davis (each release is labeled with a campus nickname/mascot to simplify versioning).

Major Features

Specifically, the Aggie release includes the following four major features:

  • Establishment of log-in workflows using Shibboleth for two UCLDC interfaces: the Nuxeo digital asset management system (DAMS) and the Collection Registry
  • Installation of the Nuxeo DAMS and creation of sample project folders
  • Development of the first iteration of the Collection Registry, with editing capabilities for authorized users
  • Creation of a draft metadata scheme for digital objects, repositories, and collections

These features are described in more detail–along with selected video demos–in our Aggie (Fall 2013) Release Notes.

About the Project

The UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) Implementation Project is a collaborative initiative of the ten campus libraries that will result in a shared platform for managing and displaying selected digital resources. It will reveal the strength and breadth of the UC Libraries’ combined digital collections to end-users, while providing a streamlined underlying technical infrastructure for campus libraries to manage and surface content.

The UCLDC is a two-year project to get the collection up and running with a selection of digital collections representing each of the campus libraries.

For more information about UCLDC Implementation, visit our project wiki.