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Licensed Resource Transition: AP Images

AP Images Collection (Tier 1; AP Images continues to be hosted by the Associated Press and although distributed and licensed by EBSCO, is not hosted on the EBSCO platform.)

The Associated Press recently performed a visual update of the AP Images website, which also resulted in new authentication behavior.  For this reason, when accessing or referencing the AP Images site, please use the UC PID (, which will take you to an EBSCO clickthrough page before reaching the AP Images resource – this step ensures that you will be authenticated correctly and have access to all subscribed functionality at the AP Images site.

This issue has been reported to EBSCO Support and as it is addressed, the UC PID will be updated as needed.

AP Images provides access to the world’s largest collections of historical and contemporary photographs.  AP’s timely, powerful and informative images cover topics ranging from breaking news and sports to business, entertainment, weather, fashion, travel, royalty-free, rights-managed, microstock and more.

Dan Tsang (UCI) is the Resource Liaison for AP Images.