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Common Knowledge Group Guidelines Now Available

Marlo Young, UCSD, UCLAS Communications Manager

The new UC Libraries Advisory Structure, its Coordinating Committee and Strategic Action Groups are beginning to operate as a cohesive structure pursuing systemwide plans and priorities established by the Council of University Librarians.

As part of the transition process to the new advisory structure, the UC Libraries Systemwide Operations and Planning Group (SOPAG) charged the Coordinating Committee (CC) to review Common Knowledge Group (CKG) Guidelines, make revisions as needed, and then define and implement a submission process. We can now report that the CC has completed this task, and announce the launching of systemwide Common Knowledge Groups.

What are Common Knowledge Groups?

CKGs are self-organizing groups of experts or pioneers in areas of interest to the University of California Libraries. The intention of CKGs is to foster innovation by providing a venue for staff across campuses and from various levels to exchange ideas and collaborate on systemwide initiatives at the “Service Envisioning” stage. It is at this stage that new ideas for new services or improvements to existing services are generated and shared.  Detailed information on CKGs, including their creation and responsibilities, is available online. See Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups:

How to Form a CKG

Any group of experts or pioneers wishing to investigate or pursue areas of interest to the UC Libraries may propose the creation the creation of a CKG.  In order to create and register a CKG, a Charter Template contained in Appendix 1 of the Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups is submitted to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure’s Coordinating Committee at: CCC-L[at]UCOP[dot]edu.   All submissions are reviewed within one month of submission.


The Coordinating Committee welcomes any questions you may have about the creation of CKGs. As CKGs are established, we will report this news in UC Libraries Advisory Structure bi-monthly reports to keep all apprised systemwide. You can contact the Coordinating Committee at: CCC-L[at]UCOP[dot]edu.