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New Web Archive: Current Events in China – Popular Websites, Blogs & Twitters


By Su Chen, Head, UCLA East Asian Library

Newsnet, Commentary, Blog, and Twitter are the major channels for over 500 million Chinese to access news, voice opinions, and exchange ideas on current important domestic and international issues, although the exchanges are ephemeral and in flux, they, however, play a vital role in people’s daily life. The CDL’s Web Archiving Service (WAS) (  provides a prefect platform to capture and preserve ephemeral content to fill the gap of collections and services. The “Current Events in China: popular websites, blogs & twitters” is an attempt to do just that. The sites are identified by Professor James Tong of Politic Science at UCLA and Professor Yong Hu of Journalism at Peking University, and the capture started in September 2012. Users can now access, due to a WAS six-month embargo on archived sites, the contents from Feb. 2013 and prior.

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