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SciVerse Hub is Retiring in August 2013

For those accessing Elsevier via the SciVerse Hub, the SciVerse Hub is being retired as of 24 August 2013.  (CDL does not provide a database level record pointing to the SciVerse interface.) In order to ensure a smooth transition, Elsevier suggests advising your user community to back-up their saved search items in the Hub’s MyLibrary using the following method:

  • Go to the MyLibrary section of the Hub
  • From the Documents tab, select the documents you wish to retain
  • Click “E-Mail” and follow the prompts to e-mail a list of hyperlinked article titles to yourself
  • Users will need to transfer these titles manually to an alternative reference/document management system of their choice (see below for some recommendations)
  • Note: while the same process applies to the Saved Searches tab, we do not recommend using this method because it will simply provide a hyperlink back to the Hub which will not resolve once it has been retired

The following document organization, search and discovery solutions will remain available from Elsevier:

  • If your institution subscribes to Scopus, registered users can manually re-enter their searches in Scopus after following the steps outlined above.
  • If users have saved documents in the Hub’s MyLibrary, Elsevier recommends that they sign-up for Mendeley, a free research reference and PDF management tool, and then maintain their document library there.
  • Searches for research content can be performed at Scirus, a scientific search engine backed by the same index that powered SciVerse Hub.