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SciFinder Moves to Unlimited Access

By Teri Vogel, UCSD, SciFinder Resource Liaison

The University of California Libraries now have unlimited access for Chemical Abstracts Service’s (CAS) SciFinder.  The libraries have had a concurrent use limit of 36 seats for some time, but CAS has been moving campuses to unlimited use since they migrated users to the web version.  UC was among the last group of campuses remaining that had not moved over to unlimited access.

Even with the 36-user limit, turnaways have been at <1% since we moved to web-only access. Users may not notice the change, but it’s one less housekeeping task the chemistry librarians and those promoting SciFinder have to manage.  We’ll continue to monitor usage.

What hasn’t changed:

  • Participating Members must first contact SciFinder Customer Support at prior to scheduling classroom training, even though the libraries are no longer requesting training IDs.
  • Alumni do not qualify for SciFinder access.
  • Any use of SciFinder for commercial purposes under your institution’s license is prohibited. (Please contact CAS for commercial SciFinder needs.)

The walk-in use restriction for non-affiliates is still in place.

For questions, contact Teri Vogel: