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HathiTrust Services for Users With Print Disabilities

By Heather Christenson, Project Manager, Mass Digitization

In an important new development, HathiTrust now provides a way for the UC campuses to offer full view of some of the in-copyright books in HathiTrust to our print disabled patrons.   A designated representative on campus (typically someone from an office devoted to services for persons with disabilities) will be able to access works in HathiTrust that are owned by that campus, on behalf of users at the campus who have print disabilities, and can distribute full PDFs of the works to those users.

Campuses must take action to implement this service.

Details, including terms of use and a form to begin registration, are available at To register, please complete the form with appropriate signatures and send to For campuses who intend to set up this service, more information about the service can be found on the HathiTrust site:
HathiTrust expects to make improvements to the process as time goes on.