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WAS Service Update: April 2013



Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • WAS at Society of California Archivists (SCA), Berkeley, CA. April 11 – 13. The WAS team attended and staffed a booth. Rosalie Lack also gave a short presentation to the Online Archive of California (OAC)’s Users Group meeting.
  • International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly (IIPC), Ljubljana, Slovenia. April 22‐ 26. The IIPC is a consortium of libraries, academic institutions and other organization engaged in web archiving. IIPC actively promotes the development of open source tools, standards and best practices in web archiving. Rosalie Lack participated as an IIPC member as well as a member of the IIPC’s Access Working Group member. The IIPC’s General Assembly ( includes 3 days of member meetings and 2 days open to the public. The theme of the public conference day was: Scholarly Access to Web Archives: Progress, Requirements, and Challenges.
  • Bug fixes. The WAS technical team (Erik Hetzner and Scott Fisher) fixed several ongoing, but intermittent bugs that were causing display issues in both the public and curator interfaces. You should see a marked improvement in display. A reminder to please report any problems that you encounter by sending an email to:

WAS Activity, April 2013

  • 113 archives actively collected
  • 1340 sites collected
  • 1.5 TB of data collected

WAS Service Description

The Web Archiving Service (WAS) enables librarians, archivists and researchers to capture, curate and preserve websites and web‐published materials. WAS makes it easy to build web archives, with scheduling and other tools to help manage your archive. You control public access to your archives and can configure the appearance and navigation of each archive. We also provide collection development consultation and help desk support for web archiving questions.

WAS Service Manager

Rosalie Lack, or

WAS Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

WAS training materials and guides are available here: (

Service Monitoring and Availability

Check CDL’s system status page at