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CDL Webinars for Users Council – And you!

Here’s an excellent and easy opportunity to broaden your knowledge of some of the projects CDL and the campuses are working on.

CDL recently hosted a webinar series for Users Council that’s now widely available to UC staff.  (The CDL’s Users Council is a group responsible for communicating information between the CDL and the campuses concerning use of CDL tools, services and collections.  Users Council consists of a liaison from each UC campus, including LBNL, LLNL and the Regional Library Facilities.  A CDL representative is an ex officio member. )

The topics covered were chosen through a member survey, with survey expertise provided by CDL’s Senior Assessment Analyst Jane Lee.

This year there were six lively sessions covering the following ground:

  • Melvyl: A Snapshot of Issues, Patricia Martin, Director, Discovery & Delivery and Lena Zentall, Project Manager, Discovery & Delivery
  • Services Today & Tomorrow, Laine Farley, Executive Director, CDL
  • What’s Happening in Collections: 15 Triumphs in 30 Minutes, Wendy Parfrey, Shared Content Coordinator
  • User Experience Design and CDL, Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager
  • eScholarship: Supporting OA Scholarly Communication at UC, Catherine Mitchell, Director, Access& Publishing; Justin Gonder, eScholarship Product Manager; and Katie Fortney, Copyright Policy & Education Officer
  • HathiTrust and Mass Digitization, Heather Christenson, Mass Digitization Project Manager

Each of the one-hour recordings, along with PowerPoint slides, is available for your viewing at:

(The presentations are password protected because some of the information is not for public consumption.)