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ProQuest Congressional Migration Completed September 21, 2012

ProQuest discontinued its legacy platform and switched over to the new platform exclusively on Friday, 9/21, at which point users were automatically redirected from the old platform URLs to the new platform.

Systemwide resources affected included:

  • ProQuest Congressional
  • LexisNexis Congressional Historical Indexes (Tier 2)
  • ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection: Retrospective A
  • ProQuest Congressional: Unpublished Hearings Digital Collection (1973-1979)

Due to some new-platform functionality that was not in place until the old platform was turned off, CDL migrated with the automatic ProQuest transition on 9/21 instead of manually switching the systemwide licensed resource access points beforehand (as had been planned originally.)

Following the switch on 9/21, CDL updated the main PID (and by extension ) to point to

Please check with your campus contacts for more information regarding locally licensed resources.

For more information, new features, training materials and known issues regarding the ProQuest Congressional transition, please see  ( and (