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DataUp Webinar Oct 3

By Carly Strasser, DataUp Project Manager

Mark your calendars for the 2012 DataUp webinar on October 3rd at 2:00 PM!

In brief: In the last year, the DataUp (formerly DCXL) project has built a tool to facilitate data management, sharing, and archiving for scientists.  This webinar will showcase the new tool and describe how it can be used to help researchers with data stewardship.  See “More info” below for a more extensive description of the project or visit (live October 2).

This free webinar will cover:

The evolution of the project, including requirements collection from researchers

The major features of the DataUp tool, including a demonstration

Future directions and how the community can get involved

Who should attend: This webinar will be informative for researchers and librarians supporting researchers.

Please pre-register for this free webinar: (

Webinar Details:

Wed, 3 October, 2012

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

Presenter: Carly Strasser (DataUp project manager)
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More information about DataUp:

Data generated by researchers is increasingly born digital and subject to intensive transformation and analyses before publication.  The various file formats, software, and hardware required to succeed in the modern research landscape can become daunting, especially since education about digital data management has not kept pace with these technological advancements.  There is a significant gap between the data management skills needed by modern researchers and their current abilities; the gap is more noticeable given the current increase in funder requirements for data management plans and requests by journal publishers to make supporting data publicly available alongside traditional research articles.

The DataUp project was born out of this need for seamless integration of data management into the researchers’ current workflows.  We recognized that the large majority of Earth, environmental, and ecological scientists use spreadsheets in the course of their data collection and organization; rather than requiring they learn a new program, we decided to meet them where they already work: Microsoft® Excel and related spreadsheet software.

The DataUp project’s goals were to facilitate data management, sharing, and archiving for scientists.  To do this, we built two versions of DataUp: an open-source add-in (extension) for Microsoft® Excel and an open-source web application.

Both the add-in and the web application provide users with the ability to

1. Perform a “best practices check” to ensure data are well formatted and organized

2. Create standardized metadata, or a description of the data, using a wizard-style template

3. Retrieve a unique identifier for their dataset from their data repository

4. Post their datasets and associated metadata to the repository.