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EZID: now even easier to manage identifiers

EZID (, the easy long-term identifier service, just got a new look. EZID lets you create and maintain ARKs and DataCite Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and now it’s even easier to use:

  • One stop for EZID and all EZID information, including webinars, FAQs, and more.
    • A clean, bright new look.
    • No more hunting across two locations for the materials and information you need.
  • NEW Manage IDs functions:
    • View all identifiers created by logged-in account;
    • View most recent 10 interactions–based on the account–not the session;
    • See the scope of your identifier work without any API programming.
  • NEW in the UI: Reserve an Identifier
    • Create identifiers early in the research cycle;
    • Choose whether or not you want to make your identifier public–reserve them if you don’t;
    • On the Manage screen, view the identifier’s status (public, reserved, unavailable/just testing).

In the coming months, we will also be introducing these EZID user interface enhancements:

  • Enhanced support for DataCite metadata in the UI;
  • Reporting support for institution-level clients.

So, stay tuned: EZID just gets better and better!