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Visit the Data Pub at CDL

By Patricia Cruse, Director, UC Curation Center

Data management plans, data publication, and calls for open data are raising  the visibility of digital data as a medium to be addressed by a wide community of researchers, libraries, museums and data centers.  As a way to encourage a conversation on these issues, the California Digital Library has created a new site for exploring the landscape of digital data: Data Pub (  Similar to public houses throughout history, we hope that this site and blog will serve as a centerpiece for discussing digital data topics – ye olde data public house.

The site will have blog posts from CDL staff as well as guests (that’s you) to include topics such as data publication, data sharing, data archiving, data citation, open data, and open science – all things data.  We invite you to participate by reading, commenting, tweeting, or contributing a post.  If you have something to say and want to contribute, check out the site to find out how to participate.

We look forward to the conversation.