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New,Transitioned Licensed Resources/Platform: RISM, Shanghai News; SIAM e-books; Web of Knowledge

UC campuses now have access to these electronic resources as part of CDL consortial and Tier 2 licenses.  (Some campuses may have already had access to these titles through previous local campus subscriptions):

Répetoire International des Sources Musicales / International Inventory of Musical Sources  (RISM) (Systemwide access; on the RISM platform)

RISM (Répetoire International des Sources Musicales / International Inventory of Musical Sources) is now available though a free online catalog.  The Bavarian State Library, the State Library of Berlin, and RISM collaborated to make this resource freely available.  The online catalog gives access to the data of Series A/II: Music manuscripts after 1600 data which represents historical music resources from 32 countries representing approximately 700,000 references from 25,000 composers.  The interface offers both basic and advanced search options.  Results are sorted by composer and facets are available to refine search results by categories such as subject, scoring, and source type.

RISM, to date, has been available at UC libraries through the EBSCOhost interface.  At the recommendation of the Music Bibliographers group, RISM has been  made available solely from this free online catalog version.  Search Options are available in German and English.

Shanghai News – Shun Bao () Database (All campuses except UCSF; on the Green Apple platform)

Shun Bao was the first major newspaper in China, having national coverage spanning from 1872 to 1949, from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic Era. It is a primary and critical e-resource for modern Chinese studies.

SIAM e-books (All campuses; on the SIAM platform)

SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) books have been a leading source of knowledge for the world’s applied mathematics and computational science communities. SIAM’s line-up of stellar, prize-winning authors and titles that address both timely and fundamental topics have made SIAM books indispensible to researchers, faculty, and students around the world.The SIAM library of approximately 400 books the complete text of SIAM books in all 14 of SIAM’s book series.

Web of Knowledge Transition (All campuses; on the Thomson Reuters platform)

The new version of Web of Knowledge introduces new features that will ease the process of searching scientific literature and presents significant advances in the analysis and management of results.

  • New algorithms have increased the accuracy of connections between source items and citations making the Web of Knowledge the most reliable research resource available today.
  • More sort options with cleaner, simpler displays make navigating searches and citation paths easier than ever; while new capabilities help ensure fast and efficient searching.

For a full list of new features and capabilities, please visit