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Staff Retirements – June 2011

With very mixed feelings, we bid farewell to three of our colleagues this summer: Phyllis Baker, Bob Brandriff, and Randy Lai.

Phyllis Baker, Executive Director Laine Farley’s Executive Assistant, has been one of the key people making sure that CDL functions smoothly, doing a myriad of things that most people never realize need to be done, all with a great positive attitude and willingness to help.  But the lure of retirement and the promise of spending time on other activites like gardening and traveling have won out.

Bob Brandriff has been at CDL since its inception in 1997 with a brief break in digital library responsibilities when he worked as a database administrator at UCOP Information Resources and Communications department. Prior to that he was with the UC Division of Library Automation for 20 years, and has been a partner with Melvyl for all of this time.  As the latest incarnation of Melvyl retires, so does Bob.  Bob’s bird-watching travels will take him far and wide, we know.

CDL also thanks Randy Lai for 20 years of dedicated service.

Colleagues, we will miss you and wish you well!