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bX Recommender Trial Ending 6/13/11

The UC Libraries hosted a 2-month trial of Ex Libris’ bX Recommender service, an academic library recommender service that displays in UC-eLinks.  The trial will end on Monday, June 13.

The UC Heads of Public Services (HOPS) appointed a small task group to help roll out and assess the trial.  The group consisted of Matt Conner (UCD), Norma Juarez (UCR), Jenny Reiswig (UCSD) and Ellen Meltzer (CDL).  During the trial, we initiated a brief survey in UC-eLinks, ran a focus group at UC Davis to gather qualitative data about how undergraduates perceive the service, and assembled usage statistics.    All of these will be analyzed upon completion of the trial.

After analyzing the data gathered, HOPS will make a recommendation about whether to acquire this tool on behalf of the UC Libraries.   A decision should be made by fall 2011.