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New Melvyl WCL Web Pages – Logos, FAQ and More

The CDL has launched new Web pages for Melvyl, supported by WorldCat Local, available at

Versions of the new campus logos are linked from this page in Web-friendly, print-friendly, and re-sizable formats (GIF, PNG, and EPS).

Also available are an FAQ for end users and library staff (Especially for librarians), created with input and advice from the Next Generation Melvyl Communications Task Group, and reviewed by SOPAG.

In addition, there are web pages for public services staff with information about OCLC’s WCL User Support Center and relevant instructional materials.  For technical services staff, reclamation status, LHR status, and Local Data information are highlighted.  All of these Web pages will continue to grow.

If you have a question for the FAQ, please direct it to

And don’t forget to mark your calendars on June 24, when the current Aleph version of Melvyl is retiring.