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Viewing HathiTrust Books Just Got Better

Would you like to scan the contents of a book at a glance?  This is now possible with HathiTrust’s upgrade to its pageturner functionality.  The recent enhancements were developed collaboratively by CDL’s Stephanie Collett and staff at the University of Michigan. The enhancements include:

  • New views allowing scrolling through volumes, flipping pages similar to a physical book, and viewing thumbnail images of all pages in a volume.  This latter feature is especially useful when scanning books for images.
  • Reorganized and streamlined interface including prominent display of copyright status, and re-positioning of navigation features.
  • Quick-copy links for individual pages in addition to permanent links for volumes.
  • Improved user experience, including progress bar, for full-PDF downloads.

To whet your appetite, browse through these examples:

  •  Planning the Home Grounds

  • Swimming Simplified

Further information on HathiTrust is available on the following web sites:

<> and <>.