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HathiTrust Webinar Available Online

Is your 52 volume set of Voltaire checked out but someone else needs to use it?  HathiTrust to the rescue!

Want to learn more about HathiTrust, how it’s governed, what it contains and how people use it?  HathiTrust partners participated in recorded seminars in April.  The speakers included John Wilkin, Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology (LIT) at the University of Michigan and Executive Director of HathiTrust; Heather Christenson, Mass Digitization Project Manager, CDL; and Julie Bobay, Associate Dean of Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

To view the slides and listen to the audio with slides of the April 15 session, go to

You can submit feedback or questions from the webinar via the feedback form on the HathiTrust website (at the top right of the page at <> ). Add your email address or leave an anonymous comment. Please include the word “Webinar” in the first line of the comment.